Meet my newly completed project for Wonderfull Abuah of Easy Sew Workshop. She is an inspirational dress-making instructor.

Below is a brief chat showing how she benefited from working with me.

Why did they have to redesign your website?

They were about to launch their new online sewing courses, they needed to redesign their existing website to show clearly what they do and attract their ideal clients. such website has to be; 

Beautiful and easy to use by their clients.

A website that they can edit and update themselves. 

They had a lot in their to-do-list toward the launching, and they were already burning out with the pending tasks. So they needed a web designer who understands their business goal and is ready to help them reach their launch goal within the deadline.

How have they benefited from working with Inyene?

Inyene work totally lifted our website burden. We were able to focus on other tasks and execute them on time before the launch. Not only did she deliver our website on time, her design looks and feels great and it does what we always wanted our website to do. We are very proud and satisfied with our new website. Thank you, Inyene.

Would you recommend Inyene and her service?  Why?

Definitely, Yes!  I highly recommend Inyene for your web design project. She knows and loves her work and above all, she is patient and caring. 

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