Website visibility – helping your website gets noticed by search engines and your target audience.

There is nothing more frustrating than having a beautiful and well-designed website with excellent value to deliver, but those who really need your help do not even know you exist or that you can help them.

Think of website visibility as a journey, the easier the directions, the faster the journey becomes. My job is to help make the journey of getting noticed by your target audience through search engines easier for you and your customers, giving better user experience to make them stick around and act on your offers.

The process begins by scheduling a call, during which, I aim to understand your website visibility plan and what exactly that means to your business.

Based on your website goals, I will audit your website and make recommendations where necessary. Next, I will gather information about your target audience demographics and keywords frequently used in the search engines to look for services similar to yours.  We will work out how to optimise your website content to reflect the values that benefit your clients.  Then, use those values and your keywords to optimise your website structure to be more visible in search engines.  My aim is to help your website to be more visible on search engines and improve your ranking to get noticed by your ideal clients. But, you have to be ready to handle and impress your website visitors to act on your offers.  Remember, the more we work together to improve your website visibility,  the more search engines will be happy to show up your contents to the right audience. The result? the only limit is your imagination.

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