great website for coaches and consultants

Great website for business coaches and consultants

Have you heard the phrase “get online and grow your business”?  Well, it takes more than just having a website to grow a coaching business.

It’s so easy to fall into a trap of thinking about a great website in the same – one-dimensional way; So that people can find you on Google, tell people about your coaching and consulting services and if someone is ready, your website gives them the contact information. Focusing on these; is good practice, but it can also limit how you put your website to work for your business.

If you are serious about growing your business with sustainable income – you have to set new goals for your website, clearly defining how your website would support your business, measure its impact and success. In this article, you would learn 5 features of a great website for online coaches and consultants.  Before, we begin, you need a mindset shift – start seeing your website as a client-generating machine.

What is a great website for business coaches and consultants?

A great website is a website that aligns the visual brand design with your business goals to attract and maintain clients. This type of website creates a positive impact on the mind of your ideal clients. The coaching or consulting businesses website needs to look and feel balanced, structured and well-read.

A great website is a website that aligns the visual brand design with your business goals for the purpose of attracting and maintaining clients.
great website for business coaches and consultants

Five Features of a great website for business coaches and consultants

(1) A great website has a business goal: This is a very important aspect of your business income-generating activities, This goal would help you to book more clients. Maybe you are creating an online course or group mentoring programme so that you can reduce 1:1 coaching clients. Your website would have to showcase that offer, speak to the right audience and show them how to sign up for your mastermind programme. Example of website goals could be:

  • To book more discovery calls by 20% for your mentoring programme.
  • To increase email subscribers by 20% so that you could have a warm audience for your new offer.
  • To rank higher on Google search engine for specific keywords, your blog articles need to show up contents for those keywords, optimise it to show up in Google search engine.

You got the idea!

These are examples of income-generating goals to help you grow your business with sustainable clients over the long term.

(2) A great website represents your brand: The website is part of your visual branding of the business. Think about this as a person with a personality that you want to befriend. For you to be a friend of that person, you would need to know the person, feel and look in a certain way. That is exactly what you want your ideal clients to notice when they visit your website. The visual brand has to speak to your clients, show them what you do and creates a positive impression on their mind.

Your homepage is like your visual brand appetizer to your ideal clients, other pages serve as the main meal. Everything has to look and feel balanced, structured and read-well. Can your ideal clients immediately see these values on your current website? If not, why not book a discovery call with me by filling out your project inquiry form now! Together, you can book more clients and achieve your business goal.

(3) A great website builds your tribe: Difference people would visit your website. Focus on using your website to build your tribe of warm ideal clients who are ready to buy. What exactly do you want your ideal clients to do while on your website? Do you want them to read a blog post, download your free contents, sign up to your mastermind programme or newsletter, watch a video, fill out the inquiry form or book a discovery call? You would have to set the tone!

Your content would need to be concise and clear with the right call to action, which shows them exactly what to do while on the website. Ideal client engagement experience with your website can help you to book more clients.

(4) A great website builds your business process: A business process is a step-by-step plan of how you would work with your clients. Maybe you are running a free session, an intense course, one-to-one coaching or a group mentoring programme. Without a process, you would have to work 24/7 to help your clients, repeating tasks or steps that can be automated, leaving you feeling exhausted and tired. I’m sure you did not start your business only to be hustling and getting to nowhere.

When your website becomes part of your business process, pre-qualifying the right client before booking a discovery call with you become easier, making your business life smooth. What is more; some of these steps can work in automation, serving you time to spend on other activities. Having the right process in place, you can guide your ideal clients on a journey from discovery to buying from you.

(5) A great website is part of your digital marketing toolbox: A great website gives you data to measure, improve and simplified your business so that you can finally leave the entrepreneurial life you deserve.

Are you a business coach or a consultant? Let me help you to book more clients and grow your business. To get started, fill-out your project inquiry form now!

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