The SEO Personal Goal Workbook

Step-by-Step Guide to creating an SEO goal

Defining Your Why.

Success does not happen by chance. In all areas of endeavour, achieving goals requires clarity. Whether you are learning to play the piano or baking a cake, writing your next bestseller books or losing weight.

Having a clear vision of your goal before starting the journey is the best way to get there. Mastering the art of SEO is not different.

I want you to start this course with clarity and purpose. Your SEO path to mastering the craft will come with challenges and obstacles, just like any achievement in life.

When you face those moments, reflect back on your goals, and remind yourself of the big “why”. The deep reasons behind your desire to acquire SEO knowledge will help you to be successful.

Give your goal a compelling reason that evokes determination and excitement. This is what will motivate you to continue learning, improving and becoming successful.

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