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“Inyene is an absolute GEM.

I've booked a Website Audit & Report and it vastly exceeded my expectation!

Not only did I receive a report with excellent points and tips (some are so obvious, yet you forget to implement them), she also recorded a video where she went through the website bit by bit, elaborating on the buyer's journey.

She clearly showed which elements work and are in place, and what is missing or could be improved. Very clear, step by step advice.
When you are wondering what you could improve on your website, I can highly recommend booking an Audit with Inyene!”
Elsewine Rietveld
Confident & Video Coach
I was recently having a problem with my website and I needed to find ways to optimise it and drive more traffic to it.

I chose to work with Inyene Udom because she works with clients to turn website visitors to clients. What I particularly liked about her approach is how meticulous and detailed she is.

I was impressed with her comprehensive website review. She suggested ways in which I could improve the readability and flow of my website. She also provided me with various recommendations to increase conversions as well as better SEO practices.

I would absolutely recommend Inyene to anyone who is ready to optimise their websites and turn their visitors to clients. If you want a second pair of eyes on your website, then do engage Inyene services.
Dr. Melissa Tranquille
Business mentor
“Inyene just provided me with an overview of my website and the improvements I could make for SEO and a better customer experience.

She advises was sensible, practical and I learnt more about website design from her reviewing mine than I ever have in years of business! If you want someone to take a fresh look at your website and find those areas that need improving and updating then I highly recommend her services.

She is affordable, prompt and the video and report she provides are through. I’ll keep referring back to it time and time and time again”
Emma Mason
Leadership Coach
“ I needed a fresh pair of eyes to look at my website. Inyene did a comprehensive audit and what I really liked was that she sent a written recommendation list as well as a video.

She’s very thorough and her suggestions for improvement all made perfect sense. I’m in the process of implementing her advice.

If you are interested in making your website more consumer-friendly, I highly recommend you speak with Inyene”
Olivia James
Executive Coach & Therapist
“Wow... Inyene has just reviewed my website and made very useful comments. I've spent a number of PAINFUL months building, reviewing and changing my website.

I found it so difficult to see my website through potential clients eyes and within the last 15 minutes I have it nailed!
Inyene created a video of my website and explained on every one of the pages where I could perfect it...fantastic!

I have some work to do but at least now the visitors may do more than just exist!! Thank you Inyene...so very useful”.
Elizabeth Davidson PHC
Fitness coach
“Inyene is patient, understanding and professional. I had a little or no time to work on the website myself and I was already burning out from the pending tasks.

Working with Inyene totally lifted those burdens from me. I was able to focus on other tasks and execute them.

What I particularly like about her method was she kept me informed and completed the work in a timely manner.

I highly recommend working with Inyene on your website project.”
Wonderfull Abuah
Fashion coach

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