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Helping you to maintain what you have built without adding a new member to your team.

Congratulations! You got a perfect website. You can now sit back and relax, right? wrong!

Websites need regular maintenance and updates to function efficiently. Just like your car needs a regular check to be roadworthy.

There are times when you don’t want to do these tasks by yourself, I can help you to keep the website backend running smooth, lubricated and secure.

Schedule a website maintenance session today and get it sorted.

Website Maintenance Package

  • Theme and plugin updates
  • Website backup
  • Website security
  • Website copy updates
  • Website services pricing update
  • Adding a blog to an existing website
  • Adding new freebies to your website sign  up page
  • Adding  social media channel to your existing website
  • Adding a new page to your existing website.
  • And a lot more . . .

The Most Frequently Asked Website Maintenance Questions and Answers

Website maintenance is a routine check on all the moving pieces of your website to detect, fix and maintain the smooth running of a functional website. When you regularly keep your website healthy, you can rely on it to help you improve the overall marketing goals and growth. Is that not what you want?

You remember when your phone notifies you with the news  ‘new apps update is now available’. You ignore it, not long, your phone begins to misbehave, things begin to look weird and slow. You clicked the updates button and boom things begin to work, finally get your phone back to normal again. What a relief that was! 

Your website needs the same, sometimes even greater care to function.

To untrained eyes, website maintenance may not seem unimportant, but if left unchecked, your website would begin to malfunction, images may not display properly, links and buttons may not be working, etc. You begin to panic! It doesn’t have to be that way.

Regular website maintenance is key to running a functional website that converts.

It depends on the tasks that need to be done! You will get a quote based on the estimated hours required to complete it.

My website maintenance price starts from £99/hour. Contact Inyene to get started.

A typical website maintenance timeline is within five working days. Since each client chooses the tasks and timeline, a number of factors would be considered in choosing your specific website maintenance deadline. 

For example, the urgency of the tasks, the size of the tasks and your availability to respond to questions and feedback, etc.

To find out more or schedule your website maintenance time slot, contact Inyene

I accept payment through PayPal and stripe. This is usually a very easy process after you have accepted your website maintenance quotation. What next, including the payment link, would be communicated to you.

Contact Inyene now to schedule your 15-minutes live website assessment session.

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