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Website Planning for Entrepreneurs

Website planning is part of your business.  Before building your next website set the right goals for it.  Such goals would help you to book more clients instead of using your website mainly as an online space for your business. Not all the website serves the same purpose. The clearer your website goals, the better your website would be able to support your business.

How to plan for your website

Here are some questions that could help you in planning for your website;

Where would I like to see my business in six months? One year? Three years? From now?

How would I be making money from my business and what would be my main marketing strategies?

What role would my website play in achieving my business goals with efficiency and better results?

What brand would my website represent?

What would excellent values look like to my clients on the website?

What would be the primary “action” for my website visitors that will take them closer to my business goals?


Why you need a clear plan for your website

A Clear plan will help you to work on your website with the right goal, since you know and understand your business better than anyone else.  Many entrepreneurs literally copy the website styles of others without thinking about the strategies behind them. When you keep your end goals in mind during the planning stage, your website could be built to support that goal in a way that helps you to book more clients.

Your website plan will help you to craft the right web content. Such contents should be more than text messages. Your web copy should speak and spark feelings such as “You understand my struggles; I believe you can help me”.

If you are DIYing your website, your plan could help you to define the strategy on how your clients would consume your web content. It could also help you to keep your web pages free from unnecessary distractions.

When you have a solid plan for your website, your visual branding could blend in beautifully with your personality, the mission and the vision of your business. Such visual experience improves trust in your brand and helps you to achieve your overall business goals.

I know that building a website that does not only look beautiful but also serves as an efficient business tool that helps you to book more clients can be a nightmare. If you would rather appreciate my help with your website, then, click here to see how we can work together.


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