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What are your website goals and why should you care?

Website goals are the main action you want your website visitors to take whenever they land on your site.  The action will lead you to achieve a specific business goal.  Examples of website goals are; sign up for our newsletters, watch a video, download our freebies, join our free community, book your discovery call, and buy a product, etc.


In this article, I would be sharing with you:

Why website goals so important to your business growth;

How  you can choose your website goal; and

Why you should ask for help with your website

Let’s get started;

Why is website goals so important to your business growth?

Website goals vary from one website to another. But, when there is no clarity, you could focus more attention on the beauty of the site and forget about the main function of the site to you and your clients.

You should see your website as an online business office. Such important office should have a role to play in achieving your business growth. When your website role is clear, it would help you to build the site with the right intention from the start.

Website goals could give you data to use in tracking what is of interest to your site visitors and also measure their engagement. Such information could help you to create the right content for your users. If your bottom line is to grow your business through your website, then, your website should be intentionally built to achieve that result.

How you can choose your website goals

The mistake that I see very often is that most entrepreneurs copy their competitors or mentors website, without knowing exactly the strategies behind those sites and how the website is going to support their own businesses.

Even though you are in the same niche with others, you should set the right website goals for your business and use your mentor’s or competitor’s website as an inspiration.


When it comes to your website goals, consider these three strategies:

  1. Define your core message and the benefits to your ideal client: Have you ever heard the phrase “not everyone is your client”? That’s very true of your business. When you try to sell to everyone, you attract no one. Define your ideal client or your target audience and then build a website that they would use. Such website should show the transformations that your client will experience after working with you.


  1. Create a brand that you and your clients would love: Choose the look and feel of your visual business and add some personal vibes to it. Such personal connection helps your clients to resonate with your message. Your brand should also help in positioning you with your audience to grow your business.


  1. Create your website marketing plan around your business growth goal: Most time entrepreneurs invest so much time and money on the look and feel of their website without thinking about the marketing aspect of the site. Your website and marketing plan should work together to help you achieve your overall business growth goal.


Here are some questions that will help you to reach the right conclusion on your website goal.

Where are you in your business?

What is your business growth goal in 6 months or one year from now?

What is the main action for your site visitors to help you in achieving your business growth goal?

How would you motivate your website visitors take such action?

How would such action benefit your ideal clients?

What would you do to help your site visitors to come back again?

Your answers to these questions would help you to define your website goal with clarity. The more clarity you have about your business growth goal, the more strategic you would become with your website. Most of your client would be visiting your site through phone and tablets, your website should be mobile-friendly and the web pages are free from unnecessary distractions


Why you should ask for help with your website

You don’t need to do it all alone, I can help you. There is a sweet connection between the knowledge you have about your business and my ability to capture that knowledge in your website in a way that would help you to achieve your business growth goal.  Are you ready to own such a website? Get started here!

What is your website goals? Share it in the comment section below.




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